Memory Burn

by Jenna dq

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Recorded in New Milford, NJ, 2012


I remember ties and blazers, I remember legal pads
I remember candy wrappers, death defying stunts;
"Look, Ma, no hands!!"
I remember why you left, and later on I remember being mad

I remember double standards, I remember specific words
I remember sketchy circumstances, and falling - I remember how it hurt
I remember red hair,
I remember buried treasure in the dirt
I remember little league-ing on a mild summer evening in a big suburb

Ever-present pictures just as vivid as the day
I've got stills and I've got motion replay

Burn, memory burn

I remember massive driveways And massive amounts of snow
I remember spinning tires on the massive cadillac my mother drove I remember kids with shovels trying to make a little bit of dough
Keep some blankets in the back, it's leather seats are where it's at
But they get so cold

Fleeting moments not forgotten come and carry me away
I've got stills and I've got motion replay

Burn, memory burn

I remember green and red and gold and navy blue and white
I remember penny loafers, leather oxfords measurements, knee highs
I remember penguin women I remember pretty sound advice And scandalous behavior got the better of your nature
In the chill springtime

always am reminded how you sang to me that way
I’ve got stills and I've got motion replay

Burn, memory burn

I remember sprouting wings driving down the garden state
I remember passing cars like they were standing still driving up the Palisades
I am drawn by the strings, and you by the empire state
"Come with me," you said,
"Our memories can't wait.”


released June 21, 2017
Leo Goral on Djembe



all rights reserved


Jenna dq New Jersey

Earnest, susceptible, conscientious, vehement, mixtape queen from the northeast with a predilection for narrative, the past, the human condition, and Greek tragedy. Also loves coffee and the dawn.

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